Staining Deer Antlers and Weathered Deer Racks

How to Stain Deer Antlers

Randy Sanders, owner of Beetle Juice Skull Works skull cleaning service shows you the before and after of staining deer antlers on a weathered deer skull. Chances are you have a few of these in your collection from either finding dead deer, burying the deer head with the antlers exposed or just finding shed antlers that have been weathered for a long period of time. If this is the case, staining the antlers with a wood stain is the best solution for restoring the deer antler color.

Staining Weathered White Deer Antlers

After a long period of time, the sun can bleach deer antlers. Over the course of a year or two, a deer skull will still have some flesh on it, but the antlers will be bleached white and brittle. Often times some of the biggest deer antlers or deer racks are found like this due to predation, a misplaced shot, or disease. Fortunately, a little TLC with wood stain can go a long way to restoring the condition of the antlers.   

The process of staining deer antlers or restoring a deer rack to its original color can be tricky. Randy’s before and after is the finished result of a perfected and experienced process. The skull will be cleaned with dermistid beetles, whitened, and degreased for a mount worthy result.

If you’re looking for how to stain deer antlers yourself we would offer a word of caution. Restoring deer antlers with wood stain can quickly ruin antlers. Leaving too much stain on the antlers for too long can result in discolored antlers or a blotchy finished product. A deer’s antler is usually darkest at the base getting slowly lighter as it extends above the brow tine. It is then mottled with darker brown streaks. This look can take years to perfect so be cautious on how much stain is applied and how long it is left on the deer antler. 

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