European Mounting Process | The Beetle Juice Way

Below you will find the steps for the European mounting process through the Beetle Juice Skull Work’s service. This process will walk you through how we, start to finish, process the whitest and most intact game skulls in the industry.

  1. Before shipping the skull, you will need to skin the head and cut the head off at the base of the skull where it connects to the first vertebra with a knife…not a saw.
  2. You ship the skull following our shipping process and packing list.
  3. Once we receive the head, we then put all of the customer’s information into a log book and create a tag for the skull.
  4. Next, we remove all of the hide, eyes, lower jaw, and excess meat. We also remove the brain as these items would start to break down into liquid in the beetle tanks and cause mold and mites to come into the colony.
  5. If the dermestid beetle colonies are full then we place the skull into the freezer until there is space. If they are not full we go ahead and place the skull into the beetle colony.
  6. The skull remains in the colony until it is completely clean of all tissue.
  7. Once the skull is completely cleaned by the dermestid beetles we put the skull into a chemical solution. This solution kills all beetles left on the skull whether they are still in egg form, larvae, or fully grown.
  8. Next, the skull goes into a degreasing process. This takes 3-5 days for a deer skull and up to a month for a bear or hog skull as they have a lot more oil in them.
  9. After the skull is degreased, we allow it to dry for 2-3 days.
  10. Then it is whitened in a two-step process to allow the highest quality European Mount.
  11. The skull is left to dry for a week.
  12. After the week is up we examine the skull for any blemishes or grease that may not have come all the way out.
  13. If the customer has chosen for their skull to be placed on a wooden plaque we then move on to that process.
  14. Once the skull passes a quality inspection, the customer is called to come pick it up or for it to be placed in a box to be shipped back to the customer.

Once you receive your completed European mounted skull, be sure to hang in on the skull wall or trophy room!