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Beetle Juice Skull Works Shipping Packing List

How To Ship Skulls To Beetle Juice Skull Works

  1. The animal can either be skinned or not prior to shipping.
  2. The neck needs to be severed between the skull and the first vertebrae, make sure this is done with a knife, not a saw, not to damage the skull.
  3. Skulls must reach us within 3 days after shipping. To guarantee this always ship on a Monday or Tuesday to be safe.
  4. Wrap entire skull in newspapers
  5. Place skull in 2 plastic trash bags.
  6. Wrap the bagged skull with fiberglass insulation that you would use for household walls.
  7. Place wrapped skull in a shipping container (box/plastic tote) along with with your Packing List including name, address, and phone number placed in a zip-lock bag to keep clean and not be ruined.
  8. Place as much fiberglass insulation around the skull as possible for packing and to help stay insulated to keep from thawing during shipping.
  9. Make sure your business name and other information we need is packed on the box or inside.
  10. Ship via Speedy Delivery, UPS, or FedEx.
  11. Call us directly to let us know to expect the shipment.
  12. Return shipping is not included in the price of the skull.
  13. For individualized shipping please call for a price.

From there it is in our hands…interested in following your skull from here? Check out our full European mounting process here!

We look forward to doing business with you and helping you to preserve your trophy for a lifetime! Additional questions?  Contact us below or give us a call at (319)470-5448.