Cleaning Furbearer and Small Mammal Skulls 101

Cleaning Furbearer Skulls | Coyote, Fox, Otter, Bobcat and Other Skulls

Winter is furbearer season! Trappers are spending long hours on the line and hunters are pursuing predators with guns and calls in tow. If you are into trapping or predator/furbearer hunting chances are you have come across a giant coyote, bobcat, otter, or other small mammal species. Maybe it was the size of it, or maybe it was how full and colorful the pelt was. Whatever the case may be, you will want to save the memory by either tanning the hide or getting a full body mount. In either case don’t forget that you can still mount the skull! Check out the videos below showing how to clean a skull for a clean and bright white skull mount!

The Best Method for Cleaning Skulls

The best method for cleaning skulls is the only method that can clean all of the flesh without making the skull fragile. Boiling or simmering skulls can leave the skull with a fragile nasal cavity and can weaken other areas of the skull. The truly best way to clean a skull is through dermestid beetles.

Dermestid beetle skull cleaning is the preferred way to clean skull mounts as it does not damage the skull. The beetles completely eat all tissue, including hide, brains, and even the smallest nasal passages. If you are interested in a clean, bright white, perfect skull mount, a skull cleaning service like Beetle Juice Skull Works is perfect for you!

Simply package the skull and ship it directly. Check out the skull shipping instructions here! Once the skull arrives it begins the process. Check out the skull cleaning process here! If you’d like, you can clean the skull yourself. Check out the videos below for cleaning the skulls of furbearers.

Cleaning a Coyote Skull

The video below shows how to properly clean a coyote skull.

Cleaning a Bobcat Skull

The video below shows how to properly clean a bobcat skull.

Cleaning a Fox Skull

The video below shows how to properly clean a fox skull.

Cleaning an Otter Skull

The video below shows how to properly clean a otter skull.

Look for more videos on how to clean furbearer skulls soon! If your interested in preserving your trophy, contact Beetle Juice Skull Works today or check out the prices!

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