Beetle Juice Skull Works, founded by Randy Sanders and his passion for taxidermy, is located in the heart of “big buck” country in Donnellson, Iowa. Sanders got his start in 2008, learning from experienced and well-renowned local taxidermists who inspired him to start his own operation. Sanders embarked on his mission to form Beetle Juice Skull Works, encouraged by one of his mentors who said, “It’s not where you do the work, but the quality of the work that matters.” And with that, Sanders decided he could do it, not with a large shop, but with the goal of providing the best skull mounts in the Mid-West.

The shop gets its name from the method Sanders uses to produce such high-quality mounts. Utilizing Dermestid Beetles, who are able to completely clean and uncover the bones without damage, is one of the most effective ways to ensure a clean, ready-for-whitening skull. These small creatures are able to completely clean even the smallest, paper thin bones within the nasal cavities without a hint of damage. The beetles are able to clean an entire deer skull in approximately 24 hours, allowing for fast turn-around time.

Sanders firmly believes that your mount should be on display in your home, not sitting for months in a shop.

Once cleaned and degreased, the skulls go through a “whitening” process in which Sanders utilizes high-grade hydrogen peroxide, never bleach, to whiten your skull while still maintaining the integrity of the bone. The choice to use peroxide over the traditional use of chlorine bleach comes from the fact that chlorine bleach damages the bone, breaking down the structure and making the skull more fragile, and also will cause the bone to yellow over time. Once that happens, unfortunately, there is no saving it.

Upon completion, the skulls are mailed back to you, completely wall-ready!

Beetle Juice Skull Works is not limited to only deer. Sanders provides full-service skull cleaning of everything from alligators to wolverines!

Beetle Juice Skull Works skull mount cleaning